Why I am blogging…


What does the word BLOG even stand for?

Big Load of Gossip? Nah.  Boring Load of Garbage? Maybe

Beginning Life Of Gabriella…yup.

I started this blog for a few reasons:

Nothing is more important to me than my family and I 100% believe that children come into our life to teach US (yup, they are OUR teachers).  I have learned that our main role as parents is to simply lay the spiritual foundation and guide your kids to help them find their voice and gifts, instead of trying to create ‘mini-me’s’.  As we know, it’s the hardest, yet most fulfilling gift we will ever be granted.  My husband and I met when we were 20 years old and I told him we’d get married the day we met- who DOES that?  Me and a few beers apparently.  Something in our souls aligned I guess.  He helps keeps me sane (just a side note here, I asked him to read this over and HE underlined that sentence) and is calm 99% of the time, or at least that is how he appears.  My sister and brother are true gifts and I can say without a doubt they are hands down the absolute best siblings anyone could ask for.  The absolute best support system to help me get through this time, and life..  My Mom and Dad are incredible role models and helped lay the spiritual foundation which is the most precious gift they gave me…which leads me to my biggest blessing, God.  I tell my kids all the time I love God first and foremost…and that is because God gave me them.

I consider myself a ‘positive’ person and seek to keep things in perspective.  I am also a work in progress, always feeding my mind and trying to grow and work toward living a whole life.  Success to me is peace.  That deep, inner peace.  I make mistakes ALL the time and when I do, I call myself out and tell my kids.  I want them to know I am not perfect and neither are they.  I am the farthest thing from it and I’ll never strive for perfection because it doesn’t exist.  We are all just beautifully broken (right, Tracy!?)  I’m a life-long learner and my most favorite way to learn is through strangers and their stories.  It feeds my soul.  You know what doesn’t feed my soul?  Mayo.  I do a lot of ‘reality checks’ so that I am quickly reminded of how minor my ‘issues’ can be in the big picture.  I have learned more about myself in the past 3 years since starting my own business and what a gift that has been to our family.  I believe in being BOLD with your life because I know it’s moving fast, so I treasure each day as a gift.  I believe in Rumi’s quote, “Live life as though everything is rigged in your favor”.  I look back at my 35 years of life and can say wholeheartedly that this is true. From my teaching career to my basketball days to becoming an entrepreneur, to my family, my husband, location of where we live and my spiritual journey these last few years.  It’s all aligned me for this moment.

So here goes nothing…

1. I saw a quote, “When you stand and share your story in an empowering way, you will heal and your story will heal somebody else.”  With that, I felt a deep desire to start writing about her journey with craniosynostosis (big word for such a little girl) so that one day she will be able to read about what a fighter she is and her sisters will see what a beautiful support system they provided.  I always thought that it was such a shame we don’t remember our early years of our beautiful and adventurous lives, but now I thank God we don’t and I think God did that on purpose for situations like this.  Gabriella will be having a major surgery soon and THANK GOSH she won’t remember the pain or struggle.  She will however have a beautiful scar from ear to ear in the shape of a zig-zag, like W’s to reminder her what a WARRIOR she is.  The struggles in our lives are what build our character, so I want her to be able to read about her unscripted life as a 2 year old and why she is capable of handling hard things when life throws them at her. This blog is solely for Gabriella and her sisters so that if God forbid I am not around to tell her the story one day, she will have my words here.

2. This is an easy way to share her journey with our friends and family both near and far.  She is loved by many and even if you don’t know her personally, you may be blessed to feel her energy.  She has that kind of magic in her.  Sometimes I will post every day, maybe every other day and other times I will not post for a month. I want this blog to be enjoyable and not an added stress to the 4,972 things Moms have to do.

3. To possibly help others cope as they go through hard times.  We have an incredible support system, but I know that isn’t the case for others and want to use that blessing to bless others.  It is also important to spread awareness about craniosynostosis because before this diagnosis, I knew nothing about this fancy, yet scary word. Out of difficulties, grows miracle and that is what she is, my little miracle.

Life is messy and challenging, but oh so beautiful.